Mr. Zachary

Mr. Zachary attended the University of Kansas under a full-tuition scholarship for piano performance. Fascinated with how music was formed and written, Mr. Zachary graduated with a Bachelors degree in Music Theory. While attending college, he gained an understanding of various styles of music, including jazz piano.  

Coming from a musical family, Mr. Zachary has an understanding of music as a whole and loves to share his knowledge of music with his students. As a teacher, he enjoys teaching both piano and guitar. His music degree allows him to not only teach piano focused on classical music but to also introduce other musical styles such as jazz, and provide the theory knowledge he gained.  This allows the explanation of the "hows" and "whys" of music, helping students gain a wider perspective of musical composition.  With a focus on proper technique and musical performance, he encourages students to embellish music with emotion and feeling. 

Mr. Zachary enjoys sharing his creativeness with both children and adults in lessons.