Welcome to the world of Early Childhood Music Education!

Musikgarten is the leader in early childhood music education — for children and teachers. We offer a complete multi-year educational program that helps infants, toddlers, and children develop a deep love of music and the ability to express it. We have wonderful CDs of the songs sung in class, age-appropriate instruments, and parent guidebooks. These home materials reinforce lessons and involve the whole family in the fun.

When music and movement are a natural, joyous part of childhood, children benefit greatly in many areas of life. Language development, self expression, memory skills, concentration, social interaction, fine motor skills, listening, problem solving, teamwork, goal setting, and coordination are all impacted by early music and movement education. What's more, as a child learns to play music, other areas of development — creativity, family bonding, self-esteem, confidence, emotional development are also positively impacted. 

Musikgarten's philosophy is steeped in this understanding. Movement and music activities are perfect for child development. Music immerses the child in language, evokes movement, stimulates the brain, and fosters physical coordination. Our lessons are in a group setting that builds community — a truly holistic experience.

All Musikgarten classes offered at the music academy are listed below.


Mommy (Daddy) and Me Class (Birth - 18m)

Family Music for Babies: The perfect time for music to enrich your child’s development and create bonding time with babies and other new parents. This two-semester curriculum is designed for parents and babies to share an intimate and active bonding experience. During a 30-minute weekly class you will learn how to play musically with your child. The course features special bouncing and rocking songs, as well as peek-a-boo and wiggle games. And the benefits are truly amazing: • Increase your child’s curiosity about music. • Develop listening skills and sense of beat. • Establish a foundation for singing and musical thought. • Form a closer bond with your child. Your Family Materials include: • Exclusive Musikgarten recording, featuring an outstanding children’s choir and instrumentalists. • Parent book including music activities and games to play with your baby. • A lovely cloth instrument pouch filled with rhythm sticks, Musikgarten rattle and colorful scarf. Not sure if this class is for you and your baby? Register for a FREE preview class. 

*Level 1 (12 weeks) | Level 2 (12 weeks)


Music Makers (18m - 3yo)

Music Makers is for toddlers ages 18m to 3. Classes are divided into 4 semesters featuring: 

- Sing With Me (15 lessons) 

- Dance With Me (15 lessons) 

- Play With Me (15 lessons)

- Clap With Me (15 lessons) 

These weekly classes are action-filled for toddlers and parents to explore and learn! Together you’ll sing, chant, move, dance, listen, and play simple instruments. Each lesson features movement activities for coordination, body awareness and control, exploration of space, and instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, drums, and resonator bars. Your family material include a wonderful CD, a parent activity book, and an instrument or scarf to use at home for more fun time together.  Not sure if this class is for you and your baby? Register for a FREE preview class.  


Cycle of Seasons

Celebrate your preschooler’s growing independence and love of the outdoors with activities involving the four seasons in The Cycle of Seasons. Developed to build attention and self-expression, activities include singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games, exploring musical instruments, creative movement and storytelling. The Cycle of Seasons nurtures your growing child’s ability to use language and participate in dramatic play within a musical context.

Fun family packets are included for use at home to increase family involvement in the learning process.   Each packet contains:

- a parent guide book, 

- 2 wonderful music CDs, and 

- animal cards 

Not sure if this class is for you and your baby? Register for a FREE preview class.  

Wind Dancers (30 lessons) | Sun Catchers (30 Lessons)

Musikgarten classes run continuously from August through May. Students can enroll at anytime for any of our music and movement classes. Unlimited make-up policy for all students.

***Siblings discounts available***

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